Minggu, 30 Juni 2013

Learn how to apply professional makeup

How can I apply under eye concealer? Most people will be directly to the light when they do. This is always a bad idea, since it makes it difficult to show the error, tries to cover up. A much better idea would be to look down and away from light. This should be folding or other errors to create shadows. These are just what you need to see. It is an important principle to follow when you learn to apply makeup. You have the head so tilted that accentuates the defaults that you want to hide the light.

If you apply a Foundation, you want to always not only be constantly and work only with hands. You want to move your face constantly and checking herself in the mirror of time. You will see more and more to look at different angles.

How to apply blush? Experts will always try to meet your cheekbone structure to study how to apply makeup. Do you know how your structure of cheekbones? It would be a good idea to suck in your cheeks. Pucker your lips and sucking in her cheeks. A little, which should reveal their bone structure. You want to blush to follow.

You want to do the opposite, if you are powder - your cheeks out to a bit of puff pastry. Why do you do this? Because if not, there are always slight wrinkles (isn't it there is one), the dust collecting in the and emphasize them. Give you an immediate recording of BOTOX - your cheeks in puff pastry, if its powder in and not be installation in the folds.

Many of us see a Crepe like texture, our eyelids. There's this delicate wrinkles are. Makeup application guide in? Now, again, you want to enjoy an immediate injection of BOTOX - raise the eyebrows, someone look raised something your way as you. So I want to do it right.

Mascara can be difficult to implement. Always afraid of overeager with the mascara brush and always something in the eyes. So the only are the tips of the eyelashes and not go up to the roots. Applies exactly the makeup always much easier, if you see what you do but. Tilt your head back to your eyelashes can see up to the roots and then use his wand. You will feel much safer.

Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

Hydrate your skin better way

As the skin ages, begins drier and thinner that feel that you did in his younger days. And unfortunately, the skin dry and thin are more likely to yield to its counterpart with hydrated and youthful. Rather than make an appointment with your local plastic surgeon for a small Terminal and book-filled, consider this: you are the effect of a facelift without surgery, keeping hydrated easily through their skin and cheerful. Here is everything with the help of some H2O and anti aging face cream, how to reduce dramatic wrinkles.

Drink plenty of water. Drink at least eight glasses per day for radiant skin. However, if you like, the taste of the water may not taste for snacks, fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs or berries and only you in the water around it improves a little flavor (and to increase their content of antioxidants to reduce wrinkles better!). Or you can use one of the flavors of artificial water available, in supermarket drinks makes that Oomph a bit more you can find. If gekleidet-Up faucet is not yours, test, the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat, from products such as cucumbers, melons and strawberries have a high water content on its own.

Use moisturizers, face morning and evening. These are the times to be washed its face should and facial cleanser many strips the skin its natural oils. I.e., anti-aging face cream your face shall apply immediately why you should after washing and drying. This will ensure that your skin is not dry and does not feel tight. They have very dry skin, severe anti-doble skin creams use, before the hay to overcome time has to record, can repair the best thing even while I sleep. Nighttime is the best time for heavier products, annoying because its natural processes of powder and makeup, are not applying the cream to absorb.

Creams help to absorb. Many water-based products evaporate from the skin until it absorbed completely, which means that you have not the most out of their products. Wrinkle free glue stick lock in the skin's moisture creams in their hands and help to apply the feet at night and then put gloves thick socks or lotion, therefore creams will remain as you snooze.

Give your eyes a lift. Find your best anti-aging eye cream and apply it under the eyes, inside and outside corners in the eyelids. Repeat every night before going to bed. This tightens the skin around the eyes, which makes exclusive look at it; hydration also helps fill in fine lines.